The 6 Best Places to Study on or Around Campus

With finals around the corner, it’s important to practice great studying habits. The best way to stay focused while preparing for exams is to surround yourself in a productive working environment. Here are the best places on or around campus to get the most work done as you prepare for finals season:

1. Library:

Of course, the best and the most quiet place to study is the campus library. Private meeting spaces on a reservable and non-reservable basis are available for students requiring space to meet in groups.

2. Learning & Career Commons

The LCC is the best place to not only study but to take study breaks. The LCC features a full cafe that serves Starbucks coffee, so you’ll always have enough energy to get through long study sessions!

3. Split Bean Roasting Co.

Located just five minutes from campus in the Lebanon Town Square, Split Bean is the perfect off-campus location to get some work done and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. With a relaxed setting and an exciting menu, there’s always something new to try. You’ll never get bored of this study spot!

4. Atrium in Labry Hall

One of the most beautiful places to study on campus is the Atrium of Labry Hall. With plenty of seating, this is the perfect spot for students to conduct study groups or work on projects in between classes or exams.

5. Your Dorm Room

There’s nothing quite like the comfort of your own room. If you need some quiet time or don’t feel like bringing your textbooks across campus, staying in the dorm is always the best!


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6. The Cumberland Ignite Lab

Just a few doors down from Split Bean is the Cumberland Ignite Lab, a newly-renovated co-working space with the perfect set up to work on your own or collaborate with a group. So grab your coffee and hop next door to the Ignite Lab! Find out more about Ignite Lab memberships here:

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