Tennessee Reconnect | Cumberland University

The world is changing, your dreams shouldn’t have to.

While it seems everything in life right now has changed overnight, it doesn't mean you have to change your lifelong dream of earning a degree. At Cumberland University, you can begin earning your college degree today tuition-FREE.

Earn your associate degree fully online

If you’ve put your education on hold, now is the perfect time to press play and pursue your dream of earning your associate degree fully online at Cumberland University. Using the Tennessee Reconnect Grant, dreamers like you now have the opportunity to earn a two-year degree tuition-free right from the comforts of home

How Tennessee Reconnect Can Help You

Tennessee Reconnect is an initiative to help make it easier for you to go back to school. With this grant, adult students like you can gain new knowledge and skills to help you advance in the workplace and earn a college degree. Tennessee Reconnect is part of Tennessee’s Drive to 55 challenge to have 55% of all Tennesseans hold a college degree or certificate by 2025. This means you have the opportunity to earn your two-year associate degree tuition-free at Cumberland University. 

To be eligible for Tennessee Reconnect you must:

  • Not already have an associate or bachelor's degree
  • Have been a Tennessee resident for at least one year before the date you apply for the grant
  • Complete the FAFSA form and be deemed an "independent student"
  • Be admitted to an eligible institution and enroll in a degree or certificate program at least part-time (six semester hours) beginning with the 2018-2019 year
  • Participate in an advising program approved by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission

The Classroom is Home with You

We offer two fully-accredited associate degree programs 100% online - meaning all of your assignments, classwork, and tests are structured so you never have to step foot on our campus. 

You’re Not in This Alone

If we’ve learned anything through this challenging time, it’s that we are closely connected to one another. You’ll engage with your professors and classmates regularly through email and online discussion posts so you’ll never feel like you’re in this alone.

Support When You Need It

There may be times when you need some help with one of your assignments. If that happens, just breathe, we have resources to help you through it. Our writing and tutoring centers can provide you the extra guidance and assistance you need when you need it.

Customize Your Class Time

You don’t have to ever worry about being late for class. Study and complete your coursework on your schedule. Sure, you’ll have deadlines for assignments, but you’ll never have to be online at a certain time. And once we all get back to the business of life, you won’t have to worry about how class will fit in. We have structured these programs to be manageable with a busy schedule. 

Choose Your Degree 

Cumberland offers two fully online associate degree options as well as eight on-ground options. 

On-ground associate degree options include: Associate of Arts, Associate of Arts in Business, Associate of Arts in English, Associate of Arts in History, Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice, Associate of Arts in Education , Associate of Arts in Music and Associate of Science. 

Associate of Arts

With an Associate of Arts degree, you’ll gain useful skills and knowledge in writing, analytical, research, and communication that can prepare you for a baccalaureate program or the next step in your career. Either path you choose, this degree will set you up for future success. 

  • 60 Total Credit Hours 
  •  Available Both Online and On Campus
  • Required General Education Core (GEC) (40-45 hours)
  • Required General Electives (15-20 hours)

Associate of Arts in Business

With an Associate of Arts in Business, you’ll learn the fundamental skills and knowledge of general business that will prepare you for administrative positions, entrepreneurial career opportunities, or a baccalaureate degree in business or related discipline. Whether your sights are on a new job, launching a new business, or continuing your education, this degree will help you rise and reach your goals

  • 60 Total Credit Hours
  • Available Both Online and On Campus
  • Total GEC Credit Hours (40-45 hours)
  • Total Required Business Core Courses (15 hours) 
  • General Electives (0-5 hours)