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Student Government

The purpose of the Cumberland University Student Government Association (SGA) is to give the student body representation in the government and services of the University, to establish a close relationship between the students and the administration, to promote a spirit of community, to exchange constructive ideas, to discuss school problems, to promote and aid in student activities, and to be the students’ voice of Cumberland University.

Cumberland students can email to share ideas or concerns. Students interested in running for office can email Elections are held each spring semester followed by online voting by the student body. The constitution includes all eligibility guidelines for each position. All cabinet and senate members must be voted into office each year by student body majority vote.

2020-21 Student Government Cabinet

President: Allie Garcia

Vice-President: Josh Woodward

Secretary: Natalie Humphrey

Treasurer: Hannah Spring

Liaison: Andrea Chavez

Labry School of Science, Technology & Business Representative: Lilli Johnson

School of Humanities, Education & The Arts Representative: Geovany Reyes

Rudy School of Nursing & Health Professions Representative: Stephanie Olin

Commuter Representative: Michael Watson

Residential Representative: Paige Hrobsky

Graduate Studies Representative: Angel Jones

Athletic Representative: Caitlyn Griffin



Cumberland University takes great pride in students' participation in the Tennessee Intercollegiate Student Legislature (TISL), a fun and educational experience created by college students in 1966 to give themselves a voice in state government.

For four days each November, as part of the TISL, delegates from colleges and universities across Tennessee gather at the State Capitol to introduce, debate and vote on bills that could affect the future of the state and of the nation. The TISL General Assembly consists of a Senate and a House of Representatives. Each school has one Senator, and the House consists of 99 members -- which are appointed according to school enrollment figures. Every college has at least two seats in the House.

For more information on Cumberland University's role in the TISL or how you might participate, please contact Dr. Sheridan Henson, Director of the Academic Enrichment Center,