Secondary Education Dual Major


The mission of the Secondary Education dual major program is to enhance each candidate’s in-depth content knowledge obtained from their primary major with the pedagogical skills necessary to meet the academic and developmental needs of all students in grades 6-12. The Secondary Education Dual Major program has been designed with input from current practitioner partners and in response to the call for more rigorous preparation in academic disciplines for secondary education teachers. The program has been specifically designed to ensure graduating teacher candidates will meet the academic and developmental needs of all students during their first year teaching and thereafter. Candidates seeking a license to teach an academic subject in grades 6-12 must dual major in the subject area they wish to teach and Secondary Education. Candidates for teacher licensure must work with two advisors: a content advisor in their program and an education advisor in the School of Humanities, Education, and the Arts. Candidates must seek guidance early and often to ensure enrollment in the required courses in a timely manner. Students in this program must be admitted to STEPP to be considered a licensure candidate, and must meet STEPP requirements at key checkpoints in their program. Cumberland University students who wish to become teacher candidates must see a Teacher Education Programs advisor for more information on teacher candidacy. Also refer to the Educator Preparation section of the Catalog. Candidates completing a dual major with Secondary Education have few or no elective courses available depending on the program.

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