Music- General Music Vocal or Instr.


– Band: Marching, Concert, Jazz
– Choir: University Singers, Cumberland Chorale
– 5 Areas of Emphasis: General Music Vocal or Instr., Music Ed Vocal, Music Ed Instr., Music Perform. Vocal, Music Perform. Instr.
– Career Paths: Song Writer, Performer, Music Teacher, Music Therapist


Learn how to connect your passion to a career. You’ll receive all the benefits of a top liberal arts education while gaining knowledge and skills in a variety of studio and performance areas. Our music education provides instruction in all orchestral instruments, piano, guitar or vocal applied studies. You’ll have the option to choose a second major or minor to fit your interests and career goals.


My experience at Cumberland University was fantastic. As a music major, I learned the skills I needed to advance my career as a musician. I now play guitar professionally in a band, do studio work and have released an instrumental album. -Josh Parker

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