Humanities and Social Sciences


– Student Favorite Courses: Cultural Anthropology, Religion and Psychology, Introduction to Counseling
– 100% Law School Placement
– Experiences: variety of day trips, weekend trips to New Orleans, 2 week trip to New Mexico
– Heifner Family Endowed Scholarship
– Careers: Lawyer, Social Services, Counseling, Religious Ministry, Politics, Business, Human Relations, Public Service, Journalism, Publishing


Customize your degree to your interests and broaden your perspective on the world. You’ll receive all the benefits of a top liberal arts education while learning how to communicate effectively and solve problems using both creative and analytical thinking skills.


“Pueblos and Canyons was an unforgettable trip. I enjoyed the area so much that I now want to bring my friend and family out to Santa Fe in order to show them everything I’ve been talking about since I returned.” -David Gregory, Class of 2017

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