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Adjunct Instructor of Psychology
Location: School of Humanities, Education, and the Arts
A.A., County College of Morris
B.A., Ramapo College of New Jersey
M.A., Northcentral University

Ms. Caroline Pfeiffer is excited to join the Cumberland faculty as a Psychology instructor.  Ms. Pfeiffer recently earned her Masters in General Psychology from Northcentral University (2018).  Having previously worked as a certified advanced personal brain trainer at LearningRx in Nashville, she focused her master’s thesis on the effectiveness of brain training on clients’ improved cognitive and real-life skills.  She was nominated to the Tennessee Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Committee in 2015.  She also holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Ramapo College of New Jersey (2008) and an Associates in Humanities and Social Sciences from the County College of Morris (2004).  

Ms. Pfeiffer brings fifteen years of experience working in education and academia.  Initially, she started as a substitute teacher at her alma mater in her rural hometown of Blairstown, New Jersey.  Afterwards, she transitioned to become the Differentiated Learning Support Guide at Ridge and Valley Charter School, a progressive elementary school with a mission on eco-literacy and earth sustainability.  She has worked as a private tutor and music instructor.  And most recently, she provided academic advisement to undergraduate students at South College in Nashville.

Ms. Pfeiffer loves the field of psychology because it helps her better understand and appreciate the people around her.  Her current passions include feminism and the phenomenology of shared dreaming by identical twins.

Ms. Pfeiffer co-owns her Nashville home with her identical twin sister Lindsay.  She has four kitties and loves to sing karaoke.  In a former career, she was a professional musician, namely a fiddler and harmony vocalist.  In addition to teaching at Cumberland University, Ms. Pfeiffer freelances as a film, music video, and theater producer.