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Professor of Music
Work Phone: (615) 547-1283
Location: Heydel Fine Arts Center
B.S., Trevecca Nazarene University
B.Mus., University of South Africa
M.Mus., Combs College of Music
D.M.A., Combs College of Music


Dr. Kilian has taught across most of the university music curriculum since 2002, currently teaching Conducting, Choral Music, Music Theory, Form and Analysis, Piano, and Graduate Music History, and is one of the University’s collaborative pianists.

Collaborative Artist:

Specializing as a collaborative artist, Brian Kilian studied piano with Anthony Wiegand, Choral Conducting with Lucy Carroll, Vocal Pedagogy with Dolores Ferraro and Louis Nicholas, and Theory/Modern Harmony and Italian with Italian-American composer, Romeo Cascarino.

The Saito Method of Conducting:

As a trained Saito conductor, Dr. Kilian sees this unique musical experience as being one of the most positive life changing and musical experiences that opened up his musical imagination to see and hear sound in a more powerful, flexible and different way. Dr. Kilian is a student of Saito pedagogue and orchestral conductor, Wayne Toews.

Cumberland University Choral Program:

The choral program has a long and proud history at CU. Dr. Kilian has directed the program since 2002. The Cumberland Chorale is the largest of the university choirs. Members are made up of students from every academic discipline on the campus. Its purpose is to sing larger choir literature including works for orchestra and other instrumental accompaniment, and to provide an exceptional choral experience within the liberal arts.

The University Singers is a chamber choir (limited to 24), consisting of music majors and minors. This choir has had the honor of singing numerous premiere performances, including excerpts from the opera, “William Penn,” choruses on the poems of E. E. Cummings, along with other compositions written specifically for the choral resources at CU.

Both choirs have toured Italy numerous times, having the distinction of being the only American choirs invited to sing in an all Italian choral festival. The accomplishments of the CU choirs have been published in two choral journals in Italy.

Research Interests:

In addition to being a specialist in Himalayan Singing Bowls and indigenous organology, his research interests include the effects of sound on health and spirituality and the new emerging field of Bio-Musicology.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming:

Dr. Kilian who is a Licensed NLP Master Practitioner conducts workshops, and works with groups and individuals to effect core transformational change by assisting individuals to develop their personal models of excellence using NLP techniques. He enjoys working with students to develop winning behaviors that will ensure success in a highly competitive global environment, and has served as a consultant to business, education, and the non-profit sector. He also works in the areas of values clarification, emotional intelligence, and well-formed outcomes.