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Network Administrator
(615) 453-6367
Labry Hall
Office of Campus/Food/Housing/Security, Office of Information Technology

Adam Stout was born under the sign of the Bull, in the beginning of an abundant summer. Fate was kind and bestowed upon the young one with a quiet, watchful curiosity that would only grow. Always inquisitive with how technological mechanics worked, he would aspire to be an intelligent tinker accompanied with a mischievous side that would only show well after the antic was discovered. Most inconvenient! The craft he sowed was bestowed upon him from the mythical scribe societies of Nashvillian State and Technological Tennessee Universities. Here, he would study his trade for years and discover the art of Fencing, a skill sure to set any rapscallion tripping over their dastardly feet!

The mad lad would experience a multitude of occupations, such as a high low tier electronic specialist contracted to the Guild of MartWal and a circuitry disciple to the secretive sector known as Intelligent Solution, on a journey that would one day lead the traveler to the next chapter of the doorstep to destiny, the Land of Cumber IT. Thrown into a pit of other eager competitors, all envious of the honorable position of Technician, only one would emerge triumphant. Like locust flies, each would fall from the skies with only the harsh hiss of the wind to accompany their failure, until all that remained was the young man. Tall and unwavering, he ascended to take his place among the Internet Elders and was declared, essential. Legend says that to this day, those that pay homage to him and ask for help in their time of need often find the issues that would plague or hinder them, disappear, as if it was never there to begin with.