Cumberland Announces Closing of the Academy of the Arts Facility

The Arts Academy at Cumberland University has closed its doors after over 15 years of business. The building that hosted the program will be partially repurposed to accommodate growing student numbers and increased university programming. It will continue to be used for music instruction for university students. 

The Arts Academy offered students and children of all ages who were interested in the fine arts a place to learn and practice with highly skilled instructors. The academy offered private and group lessons, as well as annual summer camps that will continue to run through another university department.

“The Arts Academy has supported the music instruction of students for many years in our local community and we are sad to see it go,” said Dr. Eric Cummings, Dean of the School of Humanities, Education, and the Arts. “However, we are thrilled about our increasing student population and are looking forward to the opportunities that will come with that growth.”

CU’s enrollment has increased over fifty percent since 2015 and has continued to grow with the success of Tennessee Promise and recruiting efforts.  

“CU will continue to provide a fantastic fine arts program to our university students,” said Cummings. “We strongly encourage families whose children were involved in music lessons to reach out to their instructors to make personal arrangements for the continued development of their children through music.” 

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