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Culinary Center

The Cumberland Culinary Center is located off Tennessee Boulevard in Lebanon, adjacent to the TN College of Applied Technology. The 2,400-square-foot facility houses a commercial kitchen and storage space intended to serve area entrepreneurs and farmers.

General Information About the Program

The Cumberland Culinary Center will aid entrepreneurs in producing, promoting and packaging their products with a focus on locally grown and produced goods in conjunction with the Pick Tennessee Products initiative.

The Cumberland Culinary Center is pleased to have garnered the support of the Tennessee Department of AgricultureU.S. Department of Agriculture, Cumberland University, Performance Food Service, the Wilson County School System, Sue Sykes of Tennessee Gourmet, former State Rep. Stratton Bone, the Lochinvar CorporationLowe's, Rock Island Nursery and many others. The Cumberland Culinary Center was the recipient of grant monies from the United States Department of Agriculture and funds from the Tennessee Agriculture Enhancement Program.

For more information or directions call Sue Sykes via phone 615.453.1617 or email


Membership & Services

Membership with the Cumberland Culinary Center is open to Tennessee-based farmers, specialty food producers and suppliers. In order to rent space in the commercial kitchen, farmers must supply proof of liability insurance and be listed on the Pick Tennessee Products ( website. Specialty food producers who want to use the kitchen rental services must provide documentation in the following areas: proof of liability insurance, sales tax certificate, and at least one person from the company must  be certified in Food Safety training from an accredited agency such as the Tennessee Department of Agriculture or the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

Farmers may use the kitchen rental services for the preparation of produce for market readiness.
Qualified Companies will be allowed to rent the kitchen facilities once their application has been approved for an hourly rate and will be supervised by the Cumberland Culinary Center Kitchen Manager. Companies need to handle their own procurement and bring raw materials to the Center.
Cumberland Culinary Center Equipment - Equipment available and what customers are required to bring.
Cumberland Culinary Prices- Click on link to view prices.


Recommended Suppliers

Cumberland Culinary Center works with many suppliers in our industry to assist you in sourcing raw materials. These companies provide excellent service and are considered leaders in their fields. They are valuable support members of the Center. This list will continue to evolve over time so please check back for more information.