Academics | Cumberland University

Poster Presentations


Edward A. Labry School of Science, Business, and Technology


Equal Workload   

Ms. Alyssa Brim, Mr. Thomas Chase, and Mr. Tanner Woodall


To Be or Not to Be #MeToo?  

Ms. Madison Dinwiddie, Ms. Haley Stevens, and Mr. Carlos Hernandez


Quid Pro Quo 

Mr. Steven Watson, Ms. Brittany Herman, and Ms. Katie Overton


Opioid Crisis   

Presenters: Mr. Dustin Smith, Ms. Sarah Davis, Ms. Lexy Chaffin, and Dr. Christi Griffin



The Jeanette Cantrell Rudy School of Nursing & Health Professions


Emergency Department: Is it Worth the Wait?

Mrs. Christina Bankston, Ms. Sarah Roller, Ms. Beth Hullett; and Ms. Chelsea Smith


CPR: Is it Beneficial to the Elderly with CHF

Ms. Sarah Weaver, Mr. Justin Brown, and Ms. Kayle Caudill 


Deadly Medication Errors: Can More Be Done to Prevent Them?

Mr. Elisha Morrison, Ms. Callie Shockley, and Ms. Kaitlyn Amalfitano


Childhood Obesity: Battling a National Epidemic in a Modernized World

Ms. Alyssa Buckland, Mr. Dakota Grauherr, and Mrs. Gwen Lemley


Don’t Stress, Get a Pet!

Ms. Stephanie Olin, Ms. Mckenzie Bryant, and Ms. Carly Craig


Pregnancy and Flu Shots: It's Time to Bump Up Education

Ms. Tatum Shaw, Ms. Brittney Summar, and Ms. Hafsa Ismail


Haitian Women and STIs/STDs: Culturally Competent Education

Ms. Jessica Sebree, Ms. Allilson Holt, Ms. Brittany Winston, and Ms. Stephanie Olin


Benefits of Bedside Shift Report

Mr. Blake Holmes, Ms. Natalie Hunt, and Ms. Taylor Walker


The Effect of Early and Continued Dietary Counseling on Patients Newly-Diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes

Ms. Ashley Hagewood, Ms. Typhanee King, and Mr. Zachary Wood


Impact of Nurse-Patient Ratios on Quality of Care in a Hospital Setting

Ms. Alyssa Keen, Ms. Jordan Wales, and Ms. Destiny Park


Diabetes. To Be or Not To Be?

Ms. Amber White, Mr. Blake Bouza, and Ms. Makana Swaw


School of Humanities, Education, and the Arts

Criminal Justice

Lighting Up A Cover Up

Ms. Olivia Baker


When Blood Splatters

Ms. Alexandreh Brewington


Facial Reconstruction Solves Forensic Investigation

Mr. Thomas Chenault


Ted Bundy: The Bite

Mr. Caleb Conley


DNA Can Set You Free

Mr. Chase Ford


What Are You Leaving Behind?

Ms. Alexis Frye


Show Me Your Loops, Whorls, and Arches.

Ms. Haylee Holder


Same Look, Same DNA?

Ms. Katlin Hutchins


Show Me the Facts!

Mr. Camryn Jacobs


New DNA Techniques Heat Up Cold Cases

Ms. PerrieGrace Jones


These Old Bones: The Secrets They Keep

Ms. Shanna Kohr


How the Mishandling of Evidence Affects Criminal Investigations

Ms. Lucy Lasater


Humans: Not For Sale

Ms. Jordynne Loy


Chasing the Golden State Killer Through the Family Tree

Ms. Felicia Machado


Hands and Teeth Will Reveal the True Killer Underneath

Mr. Hooper Mills


M-Vac Retrieves Rock Solid Evidence 

Ms. Katie Overton


Are You A Neat Monster?

Mr. Austin Plumlee


Forensic Science Is That You?

Mr. Terron Smith


Breakdown of Ballistic Evidence 

Mr. Nathan Vaughn


Opioids in Forensic Science

Ms. Skyann Wiley