Alumni Spotlight: Sara Kerbow

Sara Kerbow graduated from Cumberland in 2015 and is currently enrolled in CU’s online program, MSN for Nursing Education. Sara works for an Outpatient Cancer Care Clinic in Kingsland, GA, through Southeast Georgia Health Systems. She is the Radiation Oncology nurse for Camden County/St. Mary’s office location.

It is evident when you speak to Sara that she cares about her patients like family.  

“I know that our patients are going through a life-altering diagnosis and treatment,” said Sara.  “The last thing a patient needs is to feel like just another number or just another patient going through treatment. I want my patients to feel welcomed and I want them to know that we will do whatever we can to make their experience less painful or traumatic.”

She lets them know that somebody cares because far too often, she has patients who have no one. 

When Sara visits her patients, she’ll ask them if there is anything that they need such as prescriptions or a doctor’s note, but she’ll also share with them humorous moments to lighten the mood surrounding such a sad and scary time for them.  

“I always make a point to talk to my patients every time I see them so they know that I care about them,” said Sara. “I often use light humor during our conversations.  If I think that they are having a bad or rough morning, I may tell them about some funny moment I had at the grocery store or about how my three-year-old child woke me up at 5 a.m. by smacking me in the face with the remote control. We take cancer seriously, but we treat our patients with respect and kindness.”  

Sara normalizes the experience and environment for her patients so they don’t feel completely isolated and lonely.  She is their advocate and friend as much as she is their caretaker.  

Over the years, Sara worked in various positions in healthcare before nursing. The one thing she heard consistently was that patients always thought she was personable and friendly.  Later, she figured out that it was her bedside manner. 

“I have the ability to talk to people and help them understand their situation a little bit better.”

“Attending Cumberland University was the best decision I’ve ever made,” said Sara. “I met some really amazing professors and had a blast with my fellow students. I can say that what I took away from Cumberland was a little something from each professor that I had. It was either something they were teaching at the time or just something that they said that made perfect sense and I’ll never forget it. I’m excited to go back and work toward my master’s degree!”


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