Alumni Spotlight: Moises Feliz

Moises graduated from CU in 2005 with his Bachelor of Business Administration degree with minors in Management and Marketing and in 2007 with his Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership and Human Relations. Moises is an Associate Vice President and Office Manager at Wilson Bank & Trust. 

What were you involved in at CU? 

Baseball Team and International Student Organization (ISO)

Why did you choose to attend Cumberland? 

I chose to attend Cumberland mostly because of the baseball tradition and reputation since I had never visited Tennessee or the school before I moved into the dorms.  Looking back now, I am glad I made that decision to attend a small school because it helped me focus better on classes and my sport with minimal distractions.  

How has Cumberland impacted you?

Cumberland has opened many doors in my professional career and personal life.  It is amazing the amount of people that I have connected through networking that attended Cumberland at one point or another.  Those networking activities lead to business development in my line of work.

What did you learn at CU that still impacts you today?

Hard work pays off and to always bring your “A-Game” to any task at hand. 

Are there any professors or classmates who impacted your journey?

The late William McShain always supported and believed in me.  He made me promise him that I would finish my undergraduate degree.

What courses were particularly meaningful for you?

I truly enjoyed taking a leadership course during my master’s program from professor Dr. Russ Cheatham. 

What do you know now that you wish you had known when you were a student? 

I wish I had known that I could be more effective with an action plan as a student.  I also wish I had been more confident in my skills and traits that God blessed me with. 

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