Student Teacher Placement Request Form | Cumberland University

Student Teacher Placement Request

To all prospective Student Teachers:

In order to arrange a placement for you pending your successful completion of TEP II*, you must complete the following form in the semester prior to your student teaching.

*Undergraduates must have successfully completed TEP I prior to interviewing for TEPII.

It is stated policy of Cumberland University that Student Teachers "shall not be placed in schools that they attended, or in which relatives are either employees or students." This is the policy standard in teacher training institutions. The purpose of teh policy is to 1.) expose teaching candidates to new environments and personnel, and 2.) to avoid potential conflicts of interest involving relatives in the school.

The School of Education & Public Service cannot assure a placement in school systems outside a 30-mile radius of Cumberland University's main campus; if this situation cannot be avoided, candidates will have to pre-pay mileage reimbursement at a rate of 44.8 cents per mile fore every mile over 60 traveled.

The aforementioned policies will be followed at every instance possible. The School of Education & Public Service recognizes that mitigating circumstances often exist that may lead to unfair or unreasonable situations for the candidate. In such cases exceptions may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


All attempts to match a candidate's requests will be made, but bear in mind that you may not always get your preference. Also the considerations of your licensure and preparation for success in teaching require that you have at least one placement where you experience the challenges of student diversity. Under Tennessee's Enhanced Student Teaching you need practice in the range of grades for which you will be licensed.


At the beginning of the semester prior to your student teaching, you are expected to to the following:

  1. Go to the education office and sign up for TEP II
  2. At least two professional disposition ratings
  3. Arrange for tort liability insurance (STEA or PET)
  4. Complete a background check
  5. Take [and pass] your Praxis Content Knowledge exam along with any other tests required for your particular license and PLT
  6. Prepare your LiveText portfolio for submission

Candidates should not expect to Student Teach if they have not completed al TEP requirements in a timely fashion. All candidates must pass the Content Knowledge Praxis exam to Student Teaching! All other tests must be passed before we can submit your paperwork for licensure. If you need assistance, please contact the education office.