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Student Right to Know

Welcome to Cumberland University to both new and returning students! Going to college means classes, books, studying, juggling clocks and calendars, and adjusting to the college scene. We intend to offer as many tools as possible to help you achieve a level of success that will make you proud of your achievements.

The aspects mentioned above are only a part of university life. The emphasis on academic achievement is certainly important and we wish you well in your classes. However, since CU is a total university, our concern for students includes the total college experience. We encourage our students to participate fully in college life and to become involved both in and out of the class. Look around and you will readily see a host of activities that complement your academic experience and contribute to a more enjoyable college experience.

The college experience also means living in a community that is committed to respect and dignity for all and to an environment of openness and civility. This document provides information relative to student rights, responsibilities, safety, and other pertinent information.

There is reference to links to the Student Life website which contains a host of information for CU students relative to policies and procedures along with links to the University Catalog and to the Student Right-to-Know section, all of which provide information that is important for students to insure their safety on and around campus. The University takes campus security very seriously and is committed in our efforts to maintain a safe, secure environment for our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Your personal safety is a top priority, and maintaining a safe campus requires a dedicated partnership between the members of the University community.  Security is everyone’s responsibility.

The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (click here to see full report) is designed to provide a wealth of information to help us maintain a safe campus.

Each Cumberland University office and unit promises to strive to make your college experience exciting and rewarding. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Good luck and have a great year.

How To Address A Concern

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Title IX Coordinator

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