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About Cumberland University

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Who We Are

Cumberland University is a student-centered institution of higher learning. We are committed to providing a transformational liberal arts education designed to prepare students to have successful careers and lead impactful lives. We offer competitive associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, including online degree programs, and we are also a proud participant in the Tennessee Promise program.

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Location Matters

Surrounded by towering trees and historic architecture, our campus lives in the heart of Lebanon, Tennessee, just 23 miles east of the exciting city of Nashville. Our students become part of a friendly community with a small-town feel and plenty of things to do. A quick trip to Music City offers students endless options for adventurous dining, sporting events, and live music.

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Where We've Been

For 177 years, Cumberland University has been committed to preparing students for a lifetime of learning, leadership, and growth. Throughout our long history, we've continued to evolve and rise. From the very ashes of the Civil War, we have expanded our campus, broadened our academic programs, added new living and learning facilities, and graduated some of the most respected and influential leaders in our state and nation's histories.   

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Where We're Going

Recognized as one of the fastest-growing liberal arts universities in the state of Tennessee, Cumberland University continues to transform to meet the needs of our expanding community. We’ve enhanced our science labs, improved our sports arena and athletic fields, and purchased land to construct a new multi-use living and learning facility.

Student enrollment has increased by more than 50% over the past three years.

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What We Believe

The values and beliefs of Cumberland University have shaped our culture to create a personal and meaningful college experience for our students. We’re committed to providing a transformational liberal arts education while preparing each student to compete in today's dynamic and demanding workplace.

Mission Statement

The mission of Cumberland University is to provide a contemporary liberal arts education to students seeking a high-quality, personalized college experience, which will empower them not only to have a successful and productive career, but to thrive intellectually, professionally, personally, and spiritually for a lifetime.

Vision Statement 

Cumberland University will be a distinguished scholarly community that prepares its students not simply to have successful careers, but to lead impactful lives.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Cumberland University is committed to cultivating a campus environment that is inclusive of all students, faculty, and staff.  To this end, Cumberland University seeks to ensure an awareness, acceptance, and inclusion of the diversity of the campus by creating educational opportunities, raising awareness, and providing strategies and tools to foster an inclusive environment and inspire a spirit of unity.

Core Values

Our university motto “I will arise” brought life to our university symbol, the phoenix. Through this motto, our pledge to one another is that we will rise to endure, prosper, and illuminate the world for centuries to come. This idea is the spark that continues to transform our University today. Together, WE ARISE.

W - Work as one team.

E -  Enjoy your work.


A  - Assess all that we do.

R -  Respect and care for others.

I  - Improve continuously.

S -  Stay competitive.

E -  Enhance the Cumberland experience for all.


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“We rise by lifting others.” ― Robert G. Ingersoll

These words capture the vision of Cumberland University. They express our long-standing commitment and desire to develop and prepare the leaders of tomorrow. Our leadership lineage is rich, and our organization is empowered by top-notch talent across the board.

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