Cumberland Board of Trust Member Named Interim Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at Vanderbilt University

Cumberland University Trustee Dr. André L. Churchwell was named interim vice chancellor for equity, diversity & inclusion and chief diversity officer at Vanderbilt University on June 14. As vice chancellor, Churchwell will partner closely with the Vanderbilt University chancellor and the other 10 vice chancellors to advance and support best practices.

In 2015, Churchwell was appointed to the Cumberland University Board of Trustees and serves at the Governance Committee Director, offering best practices on leadership and board diversity practices.

“Dr. Churchwell is a valuable member of the Cumberland University Board of Trust. Not only is he an exceptional leader, but he is also a champion of inclusivity with a passion for inspiring change that leads to a stronger community,” Cumberland University President Dr. Paul Stumb said. “We’re grateful for Dr. Churchwell’s insight and guidance at Cumberland University, and I know he will make an excellent interim vice chancellor at Vanderbilt.”

Prior to being named vice chancellor, Churchwell served as chief diversity officer for Vanderbilt University Medical Center and senior associate dean for diversity affairs in the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. He will continue to serve in these roles while assuming the interim vice chancellor position in addition to serving as a professor of medicine, biomedical engineering and radiology and radiological sciences.

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