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The Women’s Council for Leadership, founded in 2006, is almost entirely composed of volunteers – women who represent a broad spectrum of the local business community and hope to aid Cumberland University’s female students as they prepare to make the transition from college to career.

"The Council will teach female students how to be leaders, how to be productive and how to become their own person.  It’s about empowering female students through mentorship. They’ll learn how to network and how to dress for success, and they’ll be able to look to experienced, professional women for guidance.”

For more information on how you can help, please contact us via email at

To enhance the lives of students, while fostering personal growth through mentor relationships.

Mission Statement
To support the advancement of women in leadership roles; develop individuals as purposeful women, as well as empower young women to become future leaders of their communities.

- Leadership:  Establish and nurture mentorship programs with female Cumberland University students. Click here to view a list of mentor/student responsibilities.
- Professional Development:  Create innovative programs that promote and encourage academic excellence, the development of leadership skills, self-confidence and autonomy as women.
- Celebrate the Impact:  Achieve recognition as an influential force - a valued and significant resource.


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