Cumberland University

CUSLA Information

The Cumberland University Division of Student Affairs firmly believes that one of our functions on campus is to assist our students to develop enhanced leadership skills.  Therefore, we launched the Student Leadership Academy in 2009.  It has become an annual tradition to work with faculty and staff on campus to carefully select a group of student leaders who we feel could most benefit from a fun, exciting, and educational leadership conference experience and send them through the three day academy. 

Utilizing a case study format, the CUSLA Planning Committee carefully selects facilitators for case study sessions as well as a speaker for the key note address. These facilitators and speakers are excited to spend time with our student leaders and share with them what they have learned as leaders within their communities.  Building on the case study foundation, we also add a community service project day as well as an experiential learning day.  In this way, the three fundamental elements of the Cumberland University student leadership model are fully experienced by the academy participants:  Learn, Experience, Serve.