Cumberland University

Executive Vice President


Greetings from the Executive Vice President

There are six basic core beliefs that we began to share with you from the time you first came into contact with CU or visited the University during a tour, a Preview Day, a private visit, on registration day or during freshman orientation. These core beliefs are the basis for our primary goal to help you feel comfortable that CU is the best college choice for your college career.

  1. You are here because CU is a growing, vibrant University that is changing to address the needs of the 21st century.
  2. You've connected with students, faculty, administrators and the community.
  3. You've grown and matured as you've developed lasting relationships with those you have met while at CU.
  4. You are learning skills that will help you be competitive in the 21st century job market.
  5. You are hopefully on track to graduate!
  6. We want you to return as an alumnus to share in the excitement and to contribute to the continued success of your University.
CU is making every effort to provide the best experience for you through student life, student activity, residence life, services for academic needs and just the general transition from high school to adulthood. The goal is to help you be happy while you are here, celebrate your graduation and watch you become successful alumni in the workforce. In other words, attend, stay and graduate!

Continue to work hard in every area that you can, and we will do our best to help you succeed.

Best regards,
Eddie Pawlawski, Executive VP