Cumberland University

Why "Residence Hall" and not "Dorm?"

Derived from the Latin word “dormire” which means to sleep, the word “dorm” has become a new four letter word administrators in higher education have come to loathe when describing housing facilities on today’s college and university campuses. In fact, you might even hear Residence Life staff members say “What was that?” when they hear this word. It does not describe Cumberland University Residence Halls. We have so much more to offer than just a place to sleep and hang your hat for four years.

We at Cumberland want you to experience all that you can inside our halls. We want to provide you with interaction among the people in the building and create a community where people get to know each other and grow as individuals as well as a group. As student affairs professionals, we recognize our halls as more than just a place to sleep, but a living-learning facility where the staff engages students and fosters their personal and community-wide development.

Cumberland University Residence Life has undergraduate students, graduate students, and full-time professionals to assist with this growth and learning. While we deal with the physical aspects of housing, we are committed to the emotional, intellectual and safety concerns of the student. Through consistent policy enforcement, formulating roommate agreements, community programming, and informational meetings, our staff makes building a sense of belonging and community our top priority. Through these endeavors, our students are given the opportunity to explore responsible citizenship, diversity education, tutorial programs, hall councils, leadership training, and much, much more

Our objective is to not just provide you with a place to sleep, but engage you in events and programming that provide you personal and professional growth. Highly trained residence life staff and hall government officers support this objective by creating engaging activities and programs in each hall or village. At Cumberland University, we are proud to say if you are living on campus, you’ll be living in a residence hall.