Cumberland University

Residence Life Staff

The Residence Life Staff works to create a fun and supportive environment in each residence hall. They’re the people who live and work with students in residence halls every day, 24/7.

Director of Residence Life - The Director of Residence Life is a full-time professional staff member and official of the University who is responsible for the department overall.

Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) - The RLCs are part-time professional staff members who oversee one residence hall. This staff member lives in the building and supervises the RA staff of the building in which he/she resides. Additionally, they provide leadership and supervision to an area of residence life and its programming aspects.  RLCs are either Master Level Professionals or Graduate Students.

Senior Resident Assistant (SRA) - The SRAs are senior student-staff member who are assigned building to help the RLC with the overall maintenance of the building. They help support the RAs with their requirements and any residential issues that arise.

Resident Assistant (RA)- The RAs are student-staff member who are assigned to a floor or quad of rooms. They plan activities, help with issues that arise, interpret University policy as it pertains to the floor community and assist the professional staff with the administration of the residence halls' activities.

What’s going on?

Throughout the year, each Residence Hall hosts a myriad of educational and social programs and activities in which on-campus students can participate. These programs range from simple social gatherings to workdays building a Habitat for Humanity house. Students typically find themselves just as busy outside of class as they are in the classroom and with their scholarly endeavors. By taking part in student organizations, intramurals, community worship, fine art productions, community service and more, students always have something happening in their lives.