Cumberland University

The Residency Requirement

Cumberland University requires freshmen students to live in Cumberland University residence halls for their first year.  But why you may ask?

  • Statistics have shown that students living on campus do better academically
  • Students and parents do not have to constantly worry about multiple bills – Room, Board, Utilities, Internet (wired/wireless) and Cable are all inclusive at Cumberland
  • Financial Aid is adjusted to accommodate on campus rates and applied directly to the bill
  • If your roommate leaves, you do not have to scramble to find a replacement or job to cover the extra costs
  • You become more entrenched into the campus life, making it easier to meet new people and the possibility of making life-long friends
  • You don’t have to cook your meals; they are prepared for you so that you can spend more time with friends and your studies as opposed to grocery shopping, cooking, and doing the dishes
  • The Residence Life staff will create intentional learning experiences to help develop you as an overall person
  • In moments of crisis, the Residence Life staff is available to mediate, comfort, and assist with conflict resolution
  • Class is no more than a 5 minute walk from anywhere on campus and your car never has to move
  • Living in the residence halls creates a gradual progression of personal responsibility and independence

As you can see, living on campus has many benefits.  Besides strong academic progress, studies indicate on-campus students have more involvement in academic and co-curricular activities.  These same students also feel their overall experience at the University was more satisfying, and they have a higher success rate in the classroom than the general University student.

From opportunities to meet new people to attending social and cultural programs, the Residence Life staff offers our residents a multitude of programming options, tailored to fit anyone’s wants and desires…within limits.  On-campus living creates opportunities for students to explore what is in and around campus, without spending time driving or worrying about the day-to-day things that come with living of campus.  Within a five minute walk from campus, students can experience movies, concerts, sporting events, the Jimmy Floyd Recreation Center, the library, the bookstore, and even a train that will take you into Downtown Nashville!

When making a decision to live off campus, the most important factor discussed is cost.  Living off campus can be expensive, with hidden costs you might not think exist.  Many scholarships and government education programs can cover the cost of on-campus housing. Don't overlook hidden costs associated with living off-campus and the advantages of living on campus.




Living on Campus vs. Off Campus (Semester Estimate for Four Months*)

Expenses On Campus Off Campus
Housing $3,975-$4,305 $1,700 - $3,200
(Housing & Utilities)
(1st Semester Only)
Utilities  Included $400
Cable Included $200
High Speed Internet Included $200
Food Included $1600
Transportation ⁄Gas $0 $500
Estimated Total $3,975 - $4,300 $5,250 - $6,750

Cost savings per semester living on campus: $1,275- $2,450