Cumberland University

Room and Board Prices

Room and Board Prices for 2014-2015

Standard Room & Board - $3,600 a semester (Edward Potter Hall, Justin Potter Hall)

Enhanced Room & Board - $3,800 a semester (South Hall)

Private Room & Board - $3,900 a semester (Commons Village I, Commons Village II)

When space is available, Residence Life may offer students living in double rooms by themselves the option to buy-out the remaining portion of their room as a private and not have a roommate.  The price for this buy-out is $500 per semester.  Spaces available for this option will not be known until after the fifteenth (15) day of classes of each semester.

Commuter Meal Plan Rates for 2014-2015

Cumberland University offers several meal plan options for commuter students.  These options are designed to help those on tight budgets.

Block Party 75 – 75 meals per semester (averages 5 per week) - $525
Block Party 45 – 45 meals per semester (averages 3 per week) - $330
Block Party 30 – 30 meals per semester (averages 2 per week) - $225

Dining Dollars Rates for 2014-2015

Any student can add Dining Dollars to their account at any given time throughout the semester.  Dining Dollars can be spent in any Chartwells location on campus.  Dining Dollars can be added to any student account in increments of $50 in the Business Office. 

Please note that Dining Dollars do not rollover to the next semester and must be spent by the final meal period of the current semester.