Cumberland University

Residence Life

On behalf of all the Residence Life staff, I want to welcome you to the Cumberland University family! We understand that transitioning to college can be a hard time for students and families as you are experiencing a lot of first times during this process. We are here to make it as easy and smooth as possible.

It is our hope that by living on campus, you are getting more than the typical educational experience. You could go anywhere to just attend class. Here at Cumberland, we focus on granting all of our students a holistic approach to education, when you learn inside and outside the classroom. We provide you with opportunities to interact with faculty, learn life skills, and live with other students to build relationships that last a lifetime.

The memories you will create at Cumberland will be stories you can share for years to come. They are what make Cumberland unique and give you a truly authentic and special experience. We are so glad you made living on campus part of your college career. This is a learning experience you will never forget. The department and I are happy to be of service to you during your time at Cumberland.

Best Wishes,

Catie Straube

Director of Residence Life