Cumberland University

Important Dates for Residence Life


New students & students returning to the Residence Halls for the Spring 2016 semester may pick up their key on Sunday, January 8, 2017, between 10 am-6 pm in 131 Labry Hall, provided they are “official”. If “unofficial”, students will not receive a key and will have to wait until offices reopen Monday, January 9 to get “official” and move in. 




Mandatory 24/7 Quiet Hours

Beginning Thursday, April 27th at Noon, there will be 24/7 Quiet Hours in All Residence Halls. All noise should be kept to a minimum and conversations confined to closed rooms. Music and alarm clocks should be at low noise levels. Anyone in violation of this quiet period will be documented and subject to disciplinary sanction.

Residence Halls Closing

All residence halls will close at 5 pm on Friday, May 5th to all non-graduating students. All non-graduating students must leave from cause four (4) hours after their final exam unless they are approved from Residence Life to stay later. All residence halls close at 5 PM on Saturday, May 6th to all graduating students and underclassmen participating in commencement. You must be participating in commencement (graduating, usher, chorale, SGA, facilities) to be on campus after 5pm on Friday, May 8th. Due to camps arriving earlier on campus and the need to clean the halls, only graduates and those participating in commencement will be permitted to stay on campus.
* Students who have signed up for Summer School will stay in their current room assignments until Summer Housing Check-In on Wednesday, May 10th, from 1-4 pm. You will have until 9pm to move from your previous location to your summer housing residence and surrender your old keys.
^ In the event an athletic team is in postseason tournaments, these athletes will be permitted to leave their belongings in their rooms through their tournament or National tournament selection day. Residence Life may ask certain individuals to move prior to or once they return to prepare spaces for summer camps.


Applications for summer housing will be available on March 1st. Deadline to complete the form is May 1st, with all payments due by May 5th.


Before you leave, you must:
1. Receive your express check out envelope from your RLC or RA prior to checkout.
These will be handed out the last week of class. They are pre-printed with your name and
room number on them.
2. Remove all Non-Cumberland items from your room. Nothing can be left in the room
except Cumberland furniture. Any trash left in your room or in the common spaces of the
building will be a charge of $25 per bag. Any large items, such as couches or futons, left will
result in a removal/disposal fine of $100 per item. Please know that any damage done to 
Cumberland furniture will be charged to your account, unless it was pre-existing and listed
on a Room Condition Report.
3. Clean your room. The floor, desk, the dressers, and the shelves must be cleaned
thoroughly. If you want to ensure you are not charged for a dirty room, have your RLC or
RA check to make sure it is clean enough. Close all dresser drawers. Clean out the closet.
Any room not cleaned will result in the room being fined a $25 MINIMUM cleaning fee.
4. Close and lock all windows; Turn off all lights. All blinds should be lowered to their
lowest point, but rotated to where the sunlight can pass through easily.
5. Lock & Deadbolt your door.
6. Remove keys from any keychain and place residence hall key(s) in the envelope
provided by Residence Life, seal it, and turn in envelope to Mailbox in your
building or in the Residence Life Office at 131 Labry Hall.
Residence Life will conduct
inspections at a later time. You will be fined $50 for failure to turn in your key! Do not leave
your key with a roommate. Do not include any other keys except those issued to you by
Residence Life. Mailrooms keys should be turned in directly to the mailroom. Failure to turn
in a mailroom key is a $25 fine.
7. Leave Cumberland University campus. Once you checked out, you are no longer a
resident and should not be inside any Residence Hall.