Cumberland University

Important Dates for Residence Life


Mandatory 24/7 Quiet Hours

Beginning Thursday, December 1st at Noon, there will be 24/7 Quiet Hours in All Residence Halls. All noise should be kept to a minimum and conversations confined to closed rooms. Music and alarm clocks should be at low noise levels. Anyone in violation of this quiet period will be documented and subject to disciplinary sanction.

Residence Halls Closing

All Cumberland University Residence Halls will close at 5 pm on Friday, December 9. The Office of Residence Life will follow the policy outlined in the Cumberland University Student Handbook, regarding any exceptions. Break Agreements will be limited to those outlined in the policy as well. Travel arrangements should be made well in advance to avoid any conflicts. Anyone found in violation will be asked to leave and/or be escorted off campus.  All residents are required to turn in all of their residence hall keys. Failure to do so will result in a $25 fine. An envelope will be provided to you just prior to the start of finals.

·         To apply to remain on campus during break, please click here. Deadline to complete the form is December 1st.

·         To submit a room change request for Spring 2017, please click here. Deadline to complete the form is November 18th.


Before you leave, you must:

1. Notify your RA of the date and time you will be leaving campus.

2. Email any work orders you have for your room

3. Remove all trash from the room.

4. Close and lock windows.

5. Raise blinds (except for rooms on the 1st floor).

6. Unplug everything! You should begin defrosting your refrigerator at least 48 hours prior to your departure.

7. Set Thermostat to 70 Heater; Fan to Auto.

8. Turn off all lights.

9. Lock & Deadbolt your door.

10. Place residence hall key(s) in the envelope provided by Residence Life and turn in envelope to Mailbox in your building or in the Residence Life Office at 131 Labry Hall.


Be sure to take any personal items with you that you will need over the break period. You may not enter the Halls for any reason after you have checked out. Residence Life Staff will perform Health & Safety Inspections over the break, beginning Thursday evening, December 9 @ 5 pm, or once everyone has vacated their room or suite.



New students & students returning to the Residence Halls for the Spring 2016 semester may pick up their key on Sunday, January 8, 2016, between 10 am-6 pm in 131 Labry Hall, provided they are “official”. If “unofficial”, students will not receive a key and will have to wait until offices re-open Monday, January 11 to get “official” and move in.