Cumberland University


Q: What do current Cumberland students recommend I bring for my room?

  • Area Carpets or Rugs
  • House slippers and shower shoes
  • Small Fan
  • Mattress Pad / Egg Crate / Memory Foam Mattress Cover (twin, extra-long size)
  • Lamp or another extra lighting
  • Power Strips / Extension Cords (3-pronged)
  • Bath Robe, Towels, Hand Towels, Wash Cloths
  • Shower Caddy, Fully Stocked
  • Coaxial Cable for TV / Ethernet Cables
  • Alarm Clock
  • Coffee Maker
  • Can Opener, Bowls, Plates, Silverware, Dishwashing Soap, Sponges
  • 3M Removable Hooks, Tabs, Adhesives
  • Dry Erase Markers and Cleaner
  • 3-Hole Punch, Stapler, Tape Dispenser, etc.
  • Laundry Basket / Liquid Laundry Detergent / Fabric Softener
  • Planner / Address Book
  • Basic Cleaning Supplies: Disinfectant Wipes, Glass Cleaner, Broom, Dustpan
  • Iron and Ironing Board

Q: What furnishings will be in my room?

Each residence hall room is furnished with a twin, extra-long size bed & mattress, desk, desk chair, mini-blinds, closet and dresser drawers for each student.

Q: What are the room dimensions for my residence hall room?

All other residence halls vary in size and shape.

Mary White,  Edward Potter, and Justin Potter Residence Halls:

Room Size: 16”L x 9’11”W  (not including closet space)

Window Size: 49”W x49”L

Bed Size: Twin, extra-long

Mattress Size: 36”W x 80”L (twin, extra-long)

Q: Where can I do my laundry on campus?

Washers and dryers are located in each of the residence halls. Laundry machine use is included in the cost of each room. We highly recommend that you bring liquid laundry detergent for your clothes and bedding. There have been a number of incidents with students using improper amounts of powdered detergent. This causes machines to break down not be available for other residents to use. Only residential students may use the laundry machines located in the residence halls.

Bedspreads, comforters, and large bulky clothing should not be washed in the machines on campus.  Please take them to the dry cleaners, an industrial laundry facility, or home to be cleaned.  Washing these items will cause the belts to break in the machines.

Q: What appliances can I bring?

  • Alarm Clock
  • Coffee Pot
  •  Laptop or PC Computer
  •  Desk Lamp 
  • Personal Fan
  • Iron
  • Microwave (Under 1,000 watts)
  • Stereo
  • Refrigerator (Under 4 cubic feet)
  • Television
  • DVD Player
  • Gaming Systems
  • 3-pronged surge strip (No extension cords)

Q: What type of computer connection will I need?

Cumberland University is a wireless campus, so a wireless network card will be needed.  Information on the network and policies will be available when you arrive in the fall.

Q: What things should I leave at home?

  • Air Conditioners
  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Dart Board
  • Electric Blankets
  • Electric Frying Pans
  • Electric Grills
  • Electric Heaters
  • Firearms/Weapons/Ammunition
  • Halogen Lamps
  • Hot Plates
  • Pets (except fish)
  • Power Tools
  • Sun Lamp
  • Water Beds

Q: Where can I find an extra-long bedding that will fit?

Residence Life has partnered with Residence Hall Linens for several years to provide our students and families with a convenient, affordable way to ensure you have sheets that will fit all of the beds on campus. Proceeds from this program are used for programming in the residence halls. There's free shipping for all Value Pak orders, more that 23 color combinations available, and linens are delivered to your home during the summer for extra convenience. Please visit the RHL website: