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Have I really made it this far?  Am I really starting college?

College. When you first think of the word, the images of classrooms, professors, and endless nights of paper writing come to mind. However, Cumberland University values the diversity in situations outside the classroom that provide great opportunities for learning. This holistic approach to education can be found operating to the fullest inside the residence halls at Cumberland University!

In the halls, students do more than just study and sleep. We provide opportunities for learning with faculty, our residence life staff engages our students to develop life skills, and your classmates help you build personal relationships that last a lifetime. The memories you create will be the stories you share for year to come. These stories are what make Cumberland University unique, and what make your time on campus a truly authentic and special experience.


I am glad you have made living on campus a priority in your college career. This is a learning experience you will never forget! I am glad me and my department can serve you at Cumberland!!

Best wishes,
Courtney Vick
Director of Residence Life

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