Cumberland University

Mathematics (B.S.)

The B.S. degree in Mathematics prepares the student for graduate study in Mathematics, the teaching of Mathematics at the secondary level, or for other employment requiring mathematical expertise, such as actuarial science.

Students who plan to teach mathematics in the secondary school system must complete a dual major in Secondary Education. This dual-degree option is offered collaboratively by the faculty of the Labry School of Science, Technology, and Business and the School of Humanities, Education, and the Arts to ensure that Cumberland graduates interested in teaching in Tennessee’s schools are highly qualified to teach in their subject areas.

The Secondary Education dual major option is 37-39 semester hours, including student teaching, and cannot be taken except as a dual major. The dual major option can be completed along with the B.S. in Mathematics in 120 semester hours. A dual major limits the number of general electives a student may take, and hence, it is important for students interested in this option to see an advisor early in their programs of study.  Click here for more information.

The B.S. degree in Mathematics consists of a minimum of 120 semester hours:

  • 44-47 hours from the GEC (including MATH 121 Calculus I)
  • 22-23 hours from mathematics core courses
  • 9 hours of upper-level mathematics electives
  • 3 hours of computer programming
  • 38-42 hours of general electives

For further information about Mathematics at Cumberland, please contact the program director, Laurie P. Dishman, Ph.D.

For complete program outlines and course descriptions, please review our undergraduate catalog.