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Students pursuing a B.S. degree in biochemistry will study a combination of organic, analytical, and physical chemistry, as well as microbiology, cellular biology, and genetics.   This program will help students foster their critical thinking skills by requiring an independent research project, scientific journal reviews, and a popular science book review in each upper level chemistry class.  Additionally, the program allows students to tailor the course load to meet their post-graduation goals through the choice of 12 hours of upper level science and math electives from any biology, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, or physics course at the 200 level or higher.  A degree in biochemistry will prepare students for graduate school, for jobs in the biotechnology industry, or for such professional schools as pharmacy, medical, dental, veterinary, physician’s assistant or physical therapy.

The B.S. degree in Biochemistry consists of a minimum of a 120 semester hours:

  • 45-47 hours from the General Education Core (GEC)
  • 28 hours from chemistry core courses
  • 31 hours of additional course requirements for the major (mathematics, physics, statistics and biology courses)
  • 12 hours of science or mathematics electives at the 200 level or higher
  • 2 – 4 hours of general electives

For complete course descriptions, please review our undergraduate catalog.

For further information about Biochemistry at Cumberland, please contact the program director, Dr. Sarah S. Pierce.
Phone:  615.547.1233