Cumberland University

Management (B.B.A.)

The Management (B.B.A.) prepares students for professional careers with managerial responsibilities in business, government and not for profit organizations.

The objective of the management major is to provide course content focusing in the areas of Introduction to Business, Human Resource Management, Organizational Theory, Accounting, Statistics, Business Communication, and International Business. The student will be prepared to accept an entry level position in management, explore opportunities as an entrepreneur, explore opportunities in operational or services management, or attend a Graduate program. By exposing the student to an integrated sequence of upper level coursework, the program provides the student with a solid grasp of the dynamic nature of management.

The Management (B.B.A.) consists of 120 minimum required semester hours:

  • From the GEC: 41-42 hrs
  • Required business core classes: 42 hrs
  • Courses required for the management major: 21 hrs
  • Management electives: 9 hrs
  • General elective hours: 6-7 hrs

Note: Management majors must complete MGT 363 – Principles of Management before entering the major courses.

For further information about Management (B.B.A.) degree at Cumberland, please contact the program director, Eric Landis, D.M.