About the Rise

For more than 100 years, Cumberland University has attracted thousands of students looking for a quality education but also with an interest in playing intercollegiate sports. The University embraces that interest and is deeply committed to providing the best opportunities for our students both on and off the playing fields. Since 1980, more than one-half of our student body has been involved in intercollegiate athletics. Naturally, much of our alumni’s affinity to Cumberland relates back to their experiences as student-athletes. With such a high percentage, a casual observer might conclude that Cumberland University is only about athletics. In truth however, it is about so much more.

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Athletics at CU

Over the past decade, the University has invested heavily in supporting its athletic programs. This investment includes providing more than $5 million each year in scholarships to our student-athletes. An even more visible example of the University’s investment is the continual upgrading of the sport fields and facilities. Most notable among these upgrades is the move of the University’s football operations to the 5,000-seat facility at Nokes-Lasater Field. The investment associated with this move and initial upgrades to that facility totaled more than $300,000.

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Opportunities to Give

Full Scholarships Allowed By the NCAA

(Equivalent of a full scholarship may be divided between multiple student-athletes)

94 for Men

64 for Women

Annual Scholarship Categories


Full Scholarship


Half Scholarship


Partial Scholarship


Partial Scholarship


Partial Scholarship


Partial Scholarship



(The names of these scholarships may inlcude the donor's name. Full tuition figures are rounded and include room and board.)

Anticipated Future Equipment, Facility Additions, Replacements and Renovations


Addition of men's and women's track and field (including scholarships)


Installation of lights on baseball, softball and soccer fields


Replace gymnasium floor


Replace bleachers in gymnasium


Annual recurring expense for uniforms and equipment for all sports


Expansion of wrestling building

(Future anticipated needs are all subject to Board of Trust approval.)

Future Naming Opportunities

Softball Field
Softball Clubhouse
Locker Rooms
Wrestling Building
Athletic Training Building #1
Athletic Training Building #2
Soccer Pressbox
Football Pressbox

Current Naming Opportunities


Football Stadium and Complex

Operational Funding


Staffing to meet NCAA standards


NCAA applications and consulting fees

Contact Us

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This is a very exciting time in the history of our University. You may have questions, if so feel free to contact us at anytime. Thank you for your support of Cumberland University and Cumberland Athletics.

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