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Road to Real Estate

The Road to Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Under the guidelines set forth by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission, anyone interested in becoming a licensed Realtor must complete a 60-hour "Real Estate Fundamentals" program. Also called our "pre-licensure course," this fundamentals class will prepare you to pass the PSI state exam and to gain an insight into the real estate profession. For more information about Cumberland University's pre-licensure course, please click here.

Once you have completed the pre-licensure course, you are eligible to sit for the PSI state exam. After successfully passing the state exam, you must complete a 30-hour "Course for New Affiliates" before your license is issued. For more information regarding CU's "Course for New Affiliates," please click here.

Congratulations! After completion of the "Course for New Affiliates," you will be recognized as an official real estate agent by the State of Tennessee.

In order to keep your license current and maintain your status as an affiliate broker, you must complete 16 hours of continuing education every two years from the date your license was originally issued. Four of the 16 hours must be the Core class as mandated by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission. The other 12 hours can be any course related to real estate. To learn more about Cumberland University's continuing education offerings, please click here.

Cumberland University is pleased to offer "Conversational Spanish for Realtors" as part of its Continuing Education curriculum. This course is the ONLY state-approved Spanish course for continuing education credit. For more details, please click here.

Some affiliate brokers choose to continue their education and earn their broker's license. To be eligible to sit for the broker's examination, candidates must have held an active license for a certain period of time (outlined on the TREC license requirements -- link will open in new window as an Adobe PDF file) and must have completed 120 classroom hours of approved real estate education. This 120-hour requirement must include 30 hours of Office/Broker Management. To learn about Cumberland's Broker Management course, please click here.

The Tennessee Real Estate Commission sets forth all rules and regulations regarding licensure of an affiliate broker or broker. For the complete requirements for obtaining a license, please review the TREC license requirements.