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BBQ Fight Club

Found at Hog Heaven Restaurant in Nashville, these sauces have been made for over 20 years. The white bbq sauce and mild sauce have been featured on food network. These sauces are sure to add a kick and punch as you would expect a fight club would do.


Contact: Katy Garner
Phone: 615.329.1234
Email: saucemaster@hogheavenbbq.com
Retail Available: via web site and at the Hog Heaven Restaurant 115 27th Avenue North Nashville, TN 37203
Wholesale Available: Yes, please call or email
Private Labeling Available: Yes, please call or email

Boggs Sauce

I tried many sauces and wing recipes and was always disappointed.  So, on a Football Sunday about 10 years ago, I ordered naked wings from a restaurant and created Boggs Sauce out of ingredients I had in my refrigerator.  After that, I was the one who had to make wings for every event – Super Bowls, etc.  I worked in a high-end fine dining restaurant with several chefs.  When I made my sauce for them, they told me to bottle it.  So I did.

My sauce has a rich, tasty flavor that doesn’t burn your mouth.  I put it in soups, pasta dishes, burritos, chili, and even canned ravioli. I splash it into bland dishes to add flavor, and I use it in many of my recipes that I use at Cool Springs Brewery.  I hope you enjoy Boggs Sauce as much as my customers and I do. 


Contact: Jim Boggs
Phone: 615-969-0273
Email: jamdanbog@gmail.com
Retail Available: Via web site, accepting both Visa and MasterCard. PayPal.
Wholesale Available: Yes, please call or email

Corner Market - Taste the Difference

The Corner Market is Nashville’s favorite specialty market and catering company since 1995. We are thrilled to offer our favorite salad dressings for you to enjoy at home. 


Contact: Jim Frith

Phone: 615-352-0527
Email: cornermarket@comcast.net
Retail Available: Phone orders or please come visit us at: 850 Hillwood Blvd. Nashville, TN 37209
Wholesale Available: yes, please call or email
Private Labeling Available: yes, please call or email

Culinary CreaShunz

ShunziSauce: a tasty hot sauce teeming with garlic flavor and a quick spice bite that won't overpower your food.


Contact: Shane West
Phone: 865.382.6969
Email: shunzisauce@comcast.net
Retail Available: Via web site, PayPal or Phone orders
Wholesale Available: Yes, please call or email

Kebab Gyros

Food is our specialty. Recipes passed down from generation to generation, carefully cultivated and brought to you each and every day. Our table is your table at Kebab Gyros & Pita Bar, and we hope that you will join us for delicious Mediterranean food served to you one dish at a time! From the encouragement of many of our customers we are now offering our Klodeous Home Style Sauces Balsamic and Ranch for you to take home and enjoy!


Contact: Claudia Ghanem
Phone: 615.516.1547
Email: kg@kebabgyropitabar.com
Retail Available: Yes, via phone and at the Kebab Gyros & Pita Bar Restaurant 2288 Rosa L Parks Blvd., Nashville, TN 37228
Wholesale Available: Yes, please call or email

Kelley's Berry Farm

Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, peaches, tomatoes. You may pick your own or you can buy them already picked. Plus, come try our new jams!

Contact: Patrick Kelley
Phone: 615.633.1426
Email: kelleysberryfarm@hotmail.com
Retail Available: Yes, via phone by calling (615) 633-7447, and available at local farmers markets.

The Nashville Jam Company - Nashville Jams and our Jam Rocks!

We add depth and complexity to old classics, so we can appeal to today's sophisticated palate. We feel we are giving life back to a diminished art. Only the freshest produce is used and NO artificial preservatives.


Contact: Gary or Cortney Baron
Phone: 615.525.3855
Email: Sales@thenashvillejamsco.com
Retail Available: Via web site, secure payment through paypal
Wholesale Available: Yes, please call or email
Private Label Available: Yes, please call or email

Ousley Ouch

Let me introduce you to Nashville’s own local salsa, Ousley Ouch. It’s a tomato salsa with a thick, chunky texture that comes from hand diced onions and fresh jalapeño peppers that are grown on a Nashville farm and often added to the salsa within just hours after picking. In addition to the fresh onions and jalapeños, over a dozen herbs and spices are used to create the magical flavor that has family and friends saying, “Ouch! I can’t stop eating!”

We offer four flavors: mild, hot, extra hot (with Ghost Peppers) and Habanero Peach Mango. All natural products with no preservations nor artificial flavorings. In addition they are gluten free and MSG free.


Contact: Ric Ousley
Phone: 615-519-1383
Email: ousleyouch@gmail.com
Retail Available: Yes, Available for phone orders and the website 
Wholesale Available: Yes, please call or email
Private Labeling Available: Yes, please call or email

Peg Leg Porker - Smoke Like a Pro 

With deep-seated roots in the West Tennessee BBQ culture, I developed an appreciation for BBQ at a young age. Having parents who grew up in Memphis, it was inevitable. To say that my family had a passion for it is an understatement. My Grandfather, Dr. Carey Bringle Sr., grew up in Covington, TN where you will still find “Bringle” road .We are proud to produce our Memphis Red Sauce, Alabama White Sauce and a Tasty BBQ Seasoning. 


Contact: Carey Bringle
Phone: 615.481.6023
Address:  903 Gleaves St. Nashville, TN 37203
Email: cbringle@peglegporker.com
Retail Available: yes, web site above
Wholesale Available: yes, please call or email

Ron Reed's Signature Barbeque Sauce Company

We produce 3 thick and kickin' BBQ sauces: Brown Sugar and Black Pepper, Brown Sugar and Jalapeno, and Brown Sugar and Habanero. We also have an amazing Dry Rub and Seasoning Blend. If you are looking for BBQ sauces that are sweet and thick and spicy kick? Then give us a try!!


Contact: Ron Reed
Phone: 615.594.9008
Email: ron@reedsbbqsauce.com
Retail Available: Yes, via web
Wholesale Available: Yes, please call or email

R&R Condiments

The Ol’ South Fine Swine Sauces and Condiments are a line of gourmet, mouth watering, delicious sauces that entice the flavor of all meats and many dishes. The Ol’ South Fine Swine sauces in Mild, Bold, and Hot have just the right combination of sweet, tangy, and smoky flavor, while adding the heat to suit everyone’s desire. They were created to fit the needs of our family and friends, and now brought to the public, our new friends. We have added additional products that will enhance your dishes and menus, and all can be bought singularly or added to gift baskets for you convenience. Check us out at:


Contact: Richard Swindell
Phone: 615.547.9497
Email: fineswinebbq@yahoo.com
Retail Available: Via web site, secure payment through paypal
Wholesale Available: Yes, please call or email
Private Labeling Available: Yes, please call or email

Riverfront Plantation Foods, Inc.

The Riverfront Plantation was a pre-Civil War elegant country inn and fine dining restaurant.  As executive chef/owner for over 16 years, Lynn developed all the sauces, salad dressings and jellies that were served in the inn and now are available to you.   All products are made from the freshest ingredients and made by hand with the same love and care we created them with at the inn.

The products will give you the opportunity to create a taste of the plantation in your own home, visit our website www.riverfrontplantation.net for recipe ideas.

Contact: Lynn Combs
Phone: 931.249.3920
Email: lhcombs@yahoo.com 
Retail Available: Yes, via website
Wholesale Available: Yes, please call or email

Smokey’s Gourmet Products

Smokey Cornwall’s BBQ Sauce – “It ain’t just a barbecue sauce!” (S.C.) – Original Sauce since 1978! Great sauce for home made pizzas, and it makes a great cocktail sauce for shrimp and oysters. Smokey's six-time award winning Voo Doo Chili wouldn't be without it! Spice up Saturday brunches’ Bloody Mary's with a shot or two of Smokey Cornwall's. It's also good on pork, beef, chicken, and fried turkey.
"See what you can come up with!" (S.C.)


Contact: Dennis Carwile
Phone: 615.642.6174
Email: smokey@smokeysgourmetproducts.com
Retail Available: Via phone or email
Wholesale Available: Yes, please call or email

Southern City Flavors

Southern traditions:  devotion to family and close friends, sitting on the front porch sipping iced tea, Sunday lunch with all of us gathered around the big dining room table, cooking together in the kitchen. That's our heritage, and that's who we are - Southern City Flavors. Our recipes come from years of cooking with close friends, both in formal competitions and informal gatherings in the kitchen where good friends always meet. It was friends that helped develop the products, and it is family, my daughters and I, that bring these products to you. We hope our products will help start your own traditions with family and friends, just as they have with us. 


Contact: Mike Weeks
Phone: 615-595-5915
Email: weeks190@bellsouth.net
Retail Available: Via web site
Wholesale Available: Yes, please call or email
Private Labeling Available: Yes, please call or email
Co-Packing Services Available: Yes, please call or email

Tennessee Gourmet - When You're Ready for Something Different ®

Tennessee Gourmet specialty food products are all natural and unique in the market place. We offer a variety of sauces, pepper jellies, salad dressings, and dry rubs. Additional gourmet products have been selected for their uniqueness and high quality: popcorn, salsas, farmstead cheeses, meats and sweet treats. All of which can be made available in gift baskets and gift boxes. Free recipes and a monthly newsletter are available to keep you informed and help you create tasty solutions.


Contact: Sue A. Sykes
Phone: 615.453.1617 or 800-360-6345
Email: tnsauce@bellsouth.net
Retail Available: Via web site, accepting both Visa and MasterCard
Wholesale Available: Yes, please call or email
Private Labeling Available: Yes, please call or email
Co-Packing Services Available: Yes, please call or email

Tennessee Twang Wing Sauce  

We have a buffalo wing sauce that is not only good on chicken but ribs, fish, etc.  The same sauce is either hot or mild - it depends on how much you use.

Contact:  Gail Salaun
Phone: 615-308-0048
Email: gailsalaun@gmail.com
Retail Available: Yes, please call or email
Wholesale Available: Yes, please call or email

Valaree's - "I'll bet you are hungry now!"

After serving my homemade salad dressings to hundreds of hungry folks in my catering business, they finally convinced me to bottle it and offer it to everyone. Three selections include Oriental Sesame, Strawberry Basil, and Blueberry Balsamic. The Oriental with a sweet and sour pop followed by the smokey toasted sesame seeds; Strawberry basil, real berries ,basil and black pepper; Blueberry Balsamic, mellow blueberries with the earthiness of good balsamic vinegar……….. I’ll bet you’re hungry now!

Contact: Valerie Sykes
Phone: 901.828.6244
Email: stilljustval@comcast.net
Retail Available: Yes, via phone
Wholesale Available: Yes, please call or email

Walker Feed Co 

Walker Feed Co. is an artisan food company specializing in all natural cocktail mixers. Launched in 2013, by Kristin and Cody Walker, their focus was creating premium products, with high quality, regionally harvested ingredients. Using uniquely Southern Flavors to concoct a consummate beverage, Walker's mixers are as good on their own as they are paired with your favorite libation.

The Mixers:

  • Walker's Southern Bloody Mary
  • Walker's Honeysuckle Sour


Contact: Kristin Walker  
Phone: (615) 946-9695
Email: info@walkerfeedco.com 
Retail Available: Via website, Store front Southern Steak & Oyster, 105 3rd Avenue South #110, Nashville, TN 37201
Wholesale Available: Yes, please call or email

Ziggi Mustard, Inc.

We have two (2) very unique Mustard Products. We have our original Ziggi Mustard, which is a Mild Tangy & Spicy version and our recent addition of the Ziggi Hot & Spicy version.

Contact: Kara Guilliams or Rusty Guilliams
Phone: (615) 308-9198
Email: ziggimustard@yahoo.com
Retail Available: Via Email
Wholesale Available: Yes, please call or email