Suzuki Violin Lessons


Mr. Thornton Cline, instructor

If you have been considering enrolling your child in Suzuki violin, the summer session is a good time to explore this avenue.  Summer offers a short semester which provides the opportunity to evaluate the program and your child’s interest at a reduced tuition.  


Suzuki Strings 1



Suzuki Strings 2



(ages 2 - 5)


(Books 1 & 2   ages 6 & above)


30 minute weekly private lesson &

30 minute weekly private lesson &

30 minute weekly group lesson

30 minute weekly group lesson


Suzuki Strings 3



Suzuki Strings 4



(Books 3 & 4)

(Books 5 & above)

45 minute weekly private lesson &

60 minute weekly private lesson &

60 minute bi-weekly group lesson

60 minute bi-weekly group lesson


Suzuki students get twice as much time as in regular private lessons.  Each student gets a private lesson and a group lesson.  The group lesson is a vital part of the Suzuki learning process because it lets each child see and hear other children working toward a common goal.  A parent attends the lessons and becomes the child’s home teacher.  Students will use a music book and CD for home practice.  Our eight-week summer session will give your child an excellent start in Suzuki. 

About Mr. Cline:

Thornton Cline has had 25 years experience in teaching Suzuki violin. He has received his certification in books 1-5 in Suzuki violin training through the Suzuki Association of Americas. Cline studied Suzuki with Anastasia Jempelis, assistant to the founder, Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. Cline has had numerous educational string articles published, and over 150 of his songs recorded by major and independent recording artists.   He holds an MS degree in Music Education from The University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and has completed all coursework towards his doctorate at Eastman School of Music. His complete biographical information is available at

NOTE: Group lessons are strongly encouraged. If you do not wish to participate in the group lesson, tuition will NOT be discounted.