Cumberland University


Ms. Rose Ligon Coles, instructor

Age: minimum age is 3rd grade
Tuition:  $150 plus supplies fee of $20

For starting date and further details please call 615-547-1364.

Help children acquire social behavioral skills, good manners, and more!

This class will teach young people basic courtesies, proper manners, and social behavioral skills that will serve them throughout their lives.  The Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” guides this class.
  1. Introduction.  Etiquette for formal and informal meals, the telephone, the cell phone, the answering machine, thank you notes, and interpersonal interactions.
  2. Housekeeping review:  Making your bed, caring for your clothes, making a surprise breakfast tray for parents, etc.  (Rule of thumb: you mess it up, you clean it up.)
  3. Setting formal and informal tables properly.  Simple flower arrangements.  Using proper table etiquette. Handling faux-pas.
  4. Learning to dress for any occasion - school, picnics, church, parties.  Proper grooming and hygiene habits.  Alternatives to fashion fads. 
  5. Special occasions.  Proper trans–generational interactions.  Choices in music; learning simple dances. 
  6. Putting your best foot forward.  Building confidence by the way you treat others.