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Required Courses

The MBA program includes 12 courses – nine core courses and three electives – for a total of 36 credit hours. Students with non-business or non-business-related undergraduate degrees are required to successfully complete MBA5001N MBA Foundations Survey.

Course Number Title  
MBA 5211 Managerial Economics 3
MBA 5316 Project Management 3
MBA 5121 Managerial Accounting 3
MBA 5131 Corporate Financial Analysis 3
MBA 5141 Computer Information Systems 3
MBA 5550 Principles and Theories of Leadership 3
MBA 5231 Applied Statistics 3
MBA 5273 Organizational Theory and Analysis 3
MBA 5292 Business Policy and Executive Decisions 3


All three electives must be selected from one of the following tracks:



Social Entrepreneurship track

Course Number Title  
MBA 6075 Social Entrepreneurship 3
MBA 6076 Customers and Donors 3
MBA 6078 Managing Human Resources in a Social
Entrepreneurial Venture
MBA 6079 Strategic Management for the Social Entrepreneur 3

Healthcare Administration track

Course Number Title  
MBA 6080 Introduction to Healthcare Systems 3
MBA 6081 Healthcare Policymaking 3
MBA 6082 Healthcare Marketing 3
MBA 6083 Healthcare Human Resources Management and
Employment Law

Thesis Option:
After completing the nine required core MBA courses, you’ll complete at least nine hours of thesis work instead of taking elective courses. Your thesis will be directed by an MBA faculty member and approved by a thesis committee, which is composed of at least three faculty members.

Transfer Credit:
You can transfer up to six semester hours of graduate course credit into the Cumberland University MBA program. A transferred course must be graduate level, and completed at a regionally accredited college or university with a grade of B or better. The transferred course must be similar in content to a course offered in our MBA program, and can only be used as a replacement for the similar MBA course with the MBA Program Director’s approval. At least 30 hours of MBA courses must be successfully completed at Cumberland University.