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Required Courses

The MBA program includes 12 courses – 9 core courses and 3 electives – for a total of 36 credit hours. Students with nonbusiness or nonbusiness-related undergraduate degrees are required to successfully complete MBA5001N MBA Foundations Survey.

Course Number Title  
MBA 5211 Managerial Economics 3
MBA 5316 Project Management 3
MBA 5121 Managerial Accounting 3
MBA 5131 Corporate Financial Analysis 3
MBA 5141 Computer Information Systems 3
MBA 5550 Principles and Theories of Leadership 3
MBA 5231 Applied Statistics 3
MBA 5273 Organizational Theory and Analysis 3
MBA 5292 Business Policy and Executive Decisions 3


All 3 electives must be selected from 1 of the following tracks:


General Business Track
General business electives vary by semester offering

Social Entrepreneurship Track

Course Number Title  
MBA 6075 Social Entrepreneurship 3
MBA 6076 Customers and Donors 3
MBA 6078 Managing Human Resources in a Social
Entrepreneurial Venture
MBA 6079 Strategic Management for the Social Entrepreneur 3

Healthcare Administration Track

Course Number Title  
MBA 6080 Introduction to Healthcare Systems 3
MBA 6081 Healthcare Policymaking 3
MBA 6082 Healthcare Marketing 3
MBA 6083 Healthcare Human Resources Management and
Employment Law

Thesis Option:
After completing the 9 required core MBA courses, you’ll complete at least 9 hours of thesis work instead of taking elective courses. Your thesis will be directed by an MBA faculty member and approved by a thesis committee, which is composed of at least 3 faculty members.

Transfer Credit:
You can transfer up to 6 semester hours of graduate course credit to the Cumberland University MBA program. A transferred course must be graduate level, and completed at a regionally accredited college or university with a grade of B or better. The transferred course must be similar in content to a course offered in our MBA program, and can only be used as a replacement for the similar MBA course with the MBA Program Director’s approval. At least 30 hours of MBA courses must be successfully completed at Cumberland University.