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Program Director


Eric Cummings
Dean, School of Education and Public Service
Joined Cumberland University: 2007
School of Humanities, Education and the Arts
Bone Hall, Room 104
(615) 547-1323
Twitter: @ewcummings


After completing his B.A. in Political Science, Dr. Cummings worked for 5 years with adolescents at the North Carolina Outward Bound school before pursuing his M.Ed. He completed his Ph.D. in Education Theory and Policy in 2006, focusing on the history of education, measuring cognitive demand in the curriculum, and educational policy. He resides in Nashville with his wife and three children.

At Cumberland he has taught student teaching seminars and courses on Education as a Profession, Educational Psychology, and Instructional Technology, and supervises student teachers. He is the LiveText Coordinator and NCATE Co-Coordinator for the School of Humanities, Education and the Arts. He was the Coordinator of Field Experiences for two years becoming Associate Dean.

He has served on the Faculty Senate, and several other University Committees, is on the Lebanon Special School District Pre-K Council Advisory Committee, and NCATE Chair for the University's success body for initial accreditation.

Areas of Expertise
Education Policy
Learning Theory
Carole Dweck's Mindset Theory
Teacher Education
Higher Education

Academic Background
B.A., Political Science
George Washington University

Harvard University Graduate School of Education

Ph.D., Education Theory and Policy
Pennsylvania State University

Selected Publications
Blair, C., Knipe, H., Cummings, E., Baker, D., Eslinger, P., Gamson, D., & Thorne, S. (2007). A developmental neuroscience approach to the study of school readiness. In. R. Pianta, M. Cox, & K. Snow (Eds.), School readiness, early learning, and the transition to kindergarten. Baltimore MD: Brookes.

Baker, D., Cummings, E. (2008). Pennsylvania’s best investment: The social and economic benefits of public education. Philadelphia: Education Law Center.

Honors and Awards
2009 Presidents Award for Teaching Excellence

Volunteer and Group Affiliations
Rotary Club International
Canterbury Council, St. Augustine’s Church, Nashville, Tennessee

Online Courses Taught
MAE 5040 Contemporary Issues in Education