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Course Descriptions


MAE 5010 - Innovative Instructional Technology (3)
Provides the opportunities to develop skills and to enhance understanding of innovative technologies including the use of the computer as a teaching tool. Emphasis is given to a systematic approach to the selection and evaluation of media in the classroom. Attention is also given to the development of the teacher's competencies in locating and creating instructional materials for programs in the school classroom.
MAE 5020 - School Law & Its Effect Upon the Teacher (3)

A study of cases providing a legal framework for the operation of the educational system and the environment in which school personnel function. Specific topic areas include academic freedom, attendance, busing, conduct (employee and student), integration and segregation, liability (institutional and personal), malpractice, protected speech, pupil assignment, religion, and search and seizure.

MAE 5030 - Curriculum Designs (3)

Designed to acquaint students with current trends in curriculum design, legislation affecting curriculum, state mandated programs, innovative programs, and organizational patterns. It is also designed to encourage educators to anticipate needs of learners in the next generation and to elucidate the means by which these needs can be met through curriculum design.

MAE 5040 - Contemporary Issues in Education (3)
A study of the movements, issues, projections, and potential directions in the area of education from early elementary through higher education. This is an in-depth study of current research, observation, and practices of prototypes.
MAE 5050 - Advanced Educational Psychology (3)

A study of psychological theory and research as both apply to the K-12 classroom. Cognitive psychological theory and research are given more prominent treatment than other systems. Assignments and readings assume basic understanding of introductory issues in psychology and in educational psychology.

MAE 5060 - Strategies for the 21st Century Classroom (3)

Curriculum of the modern elementary, middle, and high school with emphasis on current trends, issues, practices, problems, and methodologies.

MAE 5070 - Advanced Studies in Classroom Management (3)
Application of the research and skills necessary to create and maintain environments in which teaching and learning can occur. It includes pertinent research and simulated activities for the purpose of learning to work through specific problems/situation.
MAE 5080 - Diverse Populations in Teach and Learning (3)

A study of current research on the unique characteristics of various student populations in the educational systems and innovative programs to address diverse needs within school and community settings.

MAE 5120 - School Public Relations Communication (3)

Emphasis on interactive issues pertaining to the improvement in relationships among schools, families, and communities. It also includes exposure to a network of field contracts and to relevant methodology and research experience.

MAE 5180 - Education: The Profession & The Professional (3)

A study of education as a profession from its beginnings in America to the present. This course will also focus on the professional educator in today's educational workplace.

MAE 5250 - Building Literacy in the K-12 Classroom (3)

Study of research into reading instruction and its effectiveness: emphasis on recent findings and implications in classroom methods and processes.

MAE 5400 - Advanced Assessment (3)

This course covers educational assessment that improves the student and the school. A variety of assessment theories, models, and practices are presented. Applications of current data assessment methods are evaluated. This course will examine the key concepts, and their applications in both Tennessee and nationally, and will provide tools to improve assessment as a teacher or instructional leader within the school.