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Course Availability

The following are available course in a given semester and term:

MAE 5010 Innovative Instructional Technology (Spring B, Summer B)
MAE 5020 School Law (Fall A, Summer A)
MAE 5030 Curriculum Design (Fall B, Summer B)
MAE 5040 Contemporary Issues (Fall A, Summer A)
MAE 5050 Advanced Educational Psychology (Spring B, Summer B)
MAE 5060 Strategies for the 21st Century Classroom (Fall B, Summer B)
MAE 5070 Advanced Classroom Management (Spring A, Summer A)
MAE 5080 Diverse Populations (Fall B, Spring B, Summer B)
MAE 5120 School Public Relations (Spring A, Summer A)
MAE 5180 Education: The Profession & The Professional (Fall A, Spring A, Summer A)
MAE 5250 Building Literacy in the K-12 Classroom (Fall B, Spring B, Summer B)
MAE 5400 Advanced Assessment (Fall A, Spring A, Summer A)