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Q. Does a student handbook exist for online students?

A. Yes. It may be accessed here.

Q. How do I apply?

A. You may begin that process by clicking here or by contacting on of our admissions counselors via 866-477-8795 or email

Q. What is the online experience like at Cumberland University?

A. Currently our programs may be completed within a year. During a course of study students will engage with instructors and classmates.

Q. How much reading is involved?

A. A lot. Let's be honest - all online courses are intense programs that cover a significant amount of material. With that said, online students must read, absorb and respond to a lot of material.

Q. Who will teach the online courses?

A. Online students are taught by some of the best-known faculty in their fields. Most students develop strong relationships with their instructors. We often hear stories of how students credit those relationships for helping them have a successful online education experience.

Q. Is financial assistance available with online courses?

A. Yes! Financial aid assistance is available through our Financial Services office. Simply submit a request for assistance and a representative can help determine if you qualify.

Q. What kind of computer do I need?

A. Our courses are compatible with Mac or PC platforms.

Q. Can I use my own email address?

A. All CU students are required to use a email address that is assigned to them. This allows the university to communicate with students on a regular basis.