Ginger McRae




Ginger McRae joined Cumberland University in July 2013. She appreciated the flexibility and opportunities provided to adult learners by the online learning environment. In addition to her work at Cumberland, Ginger has an active practice as a consultant and attorney specializing in employment issues and legal compliance. Ginger has worked in attorney and human resources roles in the corporate world and as a consultant to employers across the United States. as a consultant to employers across the United States. She has taught live and online classes for the University of Phoenix and developed study guides for Ashworth College. Ginger has published numerous articles in the human resources area and has delivered many presentations to human resource professionals, attorneys, and other groups. She assists with providing and screening content for the monthly electronic newsletter of the Atlanta Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management. Ginger is often retained as an expert witness in litigation involving employment issues and is recognized as an expert on human resource practices. In her free time, Ginger enjoys spending time at a beach cottage and other travel, fitness, and cooking.

Areas of Expertise
• Employment law compliance
• Human resource practices
• Employee relations
• Employer policy development
• Manager training and development
• Human resource professional training and development

Academic Background

B.A., Journalism and Political Science
University of Georgia

University of Georgia School of Law

McRae, G. (2008). Insights on Investigations, Security Management, December, 132,34.
McRae, G., Davis, S., Garcia, L., George, J., Kay., D., & Lewis, T. (2003) Workforce Strategies in a Down Economy. New York, Ny: Apsen Publishing.

Licenses and Certifications
• State Bar of Georgia, 1982
• Senior Professional in Human Resources

Volunteer Groups and Affiliations
• Society for Human Resource Management, National and Atlanta chapter
• Association of Corporate Counsel
• Georgia and Atlanta Bar Association