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Author, College Professor, International Business Consultant and Public Speaker, former Senior Executive and Chief Financial Officer, Dr. Ian Duncan, brings to the classroom over 30 years of business and teaching experience. His consulting activities have focused on helping entrepreneurs and inventors realize their dreams through the commercialization of product and service innovations, launching their own enterprises and successfully growing their existing ventures.

Furthermore, he is an entrepreneur in his own right with "hands on" operational business experience, and also through his involvement, pas and present, with a number of businesses as a director, officer and interim executive.

Dr. Duncan is president of Venture Associates (http://ventureassociatesonline.com/), a business advisory and management consulting firm with a focus on Entrepreneur coaching. Practice areas include Management Accounting services, Information Technology consulting, and Web Site development. Its consulting services are targeted to meet the needs of prestart-up ventures, as well as the challenges of small and medium sized enterprises. The firm has been directly involved on a number of occasions with the raising of significant sums of both equity and debt capital for start-up ventures, and existing small and medium sized businesses. In this regard, Dr. Duncan has worked with both senior banking executives and individual investors.

Dr. Ian Duncan has been an adjunct accounting professor at the John H. Sykes College of Business, The University of Tampa, since the fall of 2006. At present Dr. Duncan makes his home in Palm Harbor, Florida.

Academic Background

Argosy University

DeVry University

DeVry University

York University

York University

Selected Publications and Research

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Online Courses Taught
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