Cumberland University

Uniforms & Supplies

The required uniform and supplies are as follows:

  1. Students may select white uniforms of their choice - a dress or separates. No knits or scrub-type uniforms are allowed. Please strive for professionalism - avoid lace, elaborate trims or colored embellishments
  2. Shoes may be solid white leather or "leather-like." No colored trim on shoes other than "brand" emblem. (Shoes should be saved exclusively for clinicals)
  3. Lab coats should be ¾ length
  4. CU Patches (purchase in the Division of Nursing - $7.00 each)
  5. Name Tag and clip $10.00
  6. Tote bag $212 (includes:  tools, supplies, materials for learning basic nursing skills in Foundations Lab)

* NOTE : Uniforms and lab coats must have CU patches on the left sleeve two finger breaths from shoulder seam.