Cumberland University


Getting Admitted

  1. Students must first be admitted to Cumberland University and declare nursing as their major. Once accepted this is the best time to meet with an advisor to set a schedule. Click here to apply.
  2. Students must have no more than 3 hours of lower division coursework remaining to apply for admission to the School of Nursing at the Lebanon campus and have completed all lower division coursework for the Mt. Juliet site. Students admitted to the School of Nursing will receive a letter declaring admission.
  3. Students must have earned a minimum of 3.0 (effective spring 2011) cumulative G.P.A (4.00 scale) in required lower division coursework with no grade below a "C".
  4. Human Anatomy & Physiology I and II and Microbiology (BIO 213, BIO 214, BIO 203) must have been satisfactorily completed prior to entering the first upper division nursing course (B.S.N. completion students are exempt).
  5. A satisfactory score on a specified standardized pre-admission examination is required for admission to School of Nursing. Test scores must be earned within one (1) years of entering the School of Nursing and must be taken at Cumberland University. Order the Kaplan Review Study Book here.
  6. To enter the School of Nursing students must complete the Nursing Information Sheet and submit to the Office of Admissions no later than the first Friday of October for admission to spring semester, no later than the first Friday of June for admission to summer semester, and no later than first Friday of June for admission to fall semester. Nursing Information Form.
  7. Official transcript(s) must be on file with the Office of Admissions.

Letter of Intent

Please address the typed letter to the Nursing Admissions Committee and include the following in letter format:

  1. Date written
  2. Your name and address
  3. Request for admission to Upper Division Nursing
  4. (This part of the letter is an informal way to introduce yourself. Explain why you want to be a CU nurse and why you feel you should be admitted.)
  5. Courses in which you are currently enrolled
  6. Required lower division coursework that you still need
  7. Your signature

Transferring into the Program

All transfer applicants to the Rudy School of Nursing at Cumberland University must complete their University Admission file no later than 15 business days prior to the upper division nursing admission date. Contact the Cumberland University Office of Admissions or the Rudy School of Nursing for information regarding the upper division nursing admission date. To complete your Cumberland University Admission File, the Office of Admissions must have the following:

  • Application for Admission
  • $25 non-refundable application fee
  • Official transcripts from all previous colleges/universities

For questions or to request further information, please contact the Cumberland University Office of Admissions at 615-444-2562 or 615-547-1393 or You may also contact the Office of Admissions at 1 Cumberland Square, Lebanon, TN, 37087.

To contact the Rudy School of Nursing, information, please contact  the admissions office at or (615) 547-1393.

Background Check

Each student must submit to a criminal background check conducted by Verified Credentials. This background check must be completed by the deadline given in acceptance letter. The cost of the background check is $50.00 and must be paid by the student.

Health Requirements

  1. A physical examination with completion of the School of Nursing Health Form (click link for a printable copy) before admission to upper division nursing and anytime thereafter if SON representatives judge that health status is questionable.
  2. Lab report results of a Complete Blood Count (CBC) and urinalysis before admission and anytime thereafter if SON representatives judge that initial results and/or health status are questionable.
  3. Annual submission of evidence of major medical insurance coverage.
  4. Tetanus Toxoid (within last 10 years).
  5. Titers for each of the following: Mumps, Rubeola (Red Measles), Rubella (German Measles) and Varicella showing IGG anitbodies. If student is found to be non-immune then student must be re-immunized unless contraindicated by health care provider.
  6. Hepatitis B vaccine series along with Quantitative titer 30-60 days after the third injection. **
  7. Varicella titer showing IGG antibodies.
  8. Annual documentation of a negative TB screen (or more often if required by a clinical agency).

* NOTE : A student who refuses the Hepatitis B vaccine series or who has a negative titer after completing the series must sign a waiver releasing Cumberland University from liability in the even the student decides to continue clinical experiences without or before developing immunity .

CPR Certification

Evidence of current American Heart Association Healthcare BCLS certification is required for registration in all clinical nursing courses. The course must be specified for health care professionals and must include both adult and pediatric components.