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Health and Human Performance - Physical Education & Health Emphasis


The mission of the Cumberland University Health and Human Performance Department is dedicated to providing the highest quality education experience to all students. We are committed to dynamic leadership development in pre-professional and professional preparation programs in physical education and health education, sport and exercise science, athletic training and sport management. We function as a collegial community dedicated to innovative teaching, meaningful community and professional service, and creative scholarly endeavor so that our graduates become COMPETENT, CARING QUALIFIED professionals and reflective practitioners.  


The Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance with emphasis in Physical Education and Health is designed to prepare individuals to teach physical education and/or health education in grade levels ranging from preK - 12. This degree will also give you the knowledge if you would like to get into the area of Athletic Coaching.  Physical Education and Health Education are a vital part of the educational system. With the rising increase of obesity and health problems in the United States and all over the world, students need the support of qualified and personable Health & Physical Educators. Why not belong to a career which helps to make children fit and healthy throughout the world!!!


Health & Human Performance with Physical Education & Health emphasis

  Required Health & Human Performance Core  

HPER 102-130

PE Activity Courses (Non-Varsity Sport Credit) 1
HPER 200 Foundations of Health, Physical Education & Athletic Programs 3
HPER 227 Safety & First Aid Education 2
HPER 402 Administration of Health, PE & Athletic Programs 3
HPER 421 Senior Seminar 2
HPER 427 Research Methods 3
  HPER Practicum Requirements  
HPER 496 Practicum in Physical Education 3
  Requirements for Physical Education & Health concentration  
HPER 220 PE Activities 3
HPER 301 Physiology of Exercise 3
HPER 311 Personal & Community Health 3
HPER 312 Nutrition 3
HPER 320 Motor Learning & Development 3
HPER 326 Teaching Sport & Leisure Skills 3
HPER 343 Essentials in Adaptive Physical Education 2
HPER 360 Drugs & Violence in Health Education 3
HPER 370  Psycho Social Aspects of Movement 3
HPER 410 Curriculum Development in Health & Physical Education 3
HPER 411 Measurement & Evaluation in Human Performance 3
HPER 425 Kinesiology 3
  Additional Requirements in Professional Education  
ED 190 Introduction to Computers for Instruction 3
ED 201 Education as a Profession 3
ED 301 Strategies in Teaching 3
ED 314 History & Philosophy of Education 3
ED 330 Exceptionally & Culturally Diverse Individuals 3
ED 432 Classroom Management 3
HPER (ED) 424 Health & Physical Education in the Classroom K-12 3
ED 445 Enhanced Student Teaching 12

Requirements to take Praxis II for Tennessee State Teaching Licensure

Health Education [Test Code: 0550]

Physical Education: Content Knowledge [Test Code:0091]

Physical Education: Movement Forms – Analysis & Design [Test Code: 0092]