Cumberland University


Phoenix band to host band camp


Cumberland University announced today that the Phoenix Marching Band will have its band camp next week to prepare for its official resurrection at the first home football game.

After four years with no marching band, Cumberland President Paul Stumb hired Cumberland University alum Wayne Ray to bring back the Phoenix Marching Band from the ashes. 

“We are extremely excited to start this season with our long-awaited return to band camp,” Ray said. “I am proud of the dedication from our band students over the past year and we are excited to take the field and bring back the music to Cumberland. Resurrecting the marching band will add to both the athletic culture and the student life at Cumberland and I’m happy to be a part of that.”

For nearly a year Ray has been working to re-establish recruitment efforts to bring the Cumberland marching band back to its prime. Recruiting members of the band is similar to recruiting athletic teams, it takes research, time and connections. Ray has been working closely with Cumberland’s Director of Athletics, Ron Pavan to find and recruit these students.  

The Phoenix Marching Band currently has 34 students on the roster. 

The Phoenix Marching Band Camp will kick off Monday, August 6 at 9a.m. in the band room and will end at 5p.m. Friday, August 10. The first performance for the Cumberland University Phoenix Marching Band will take place at the first home football game on September 1 versus Union College.