Cumberland University


CU Student Spotlight: Trenton Perry


Trenton Perry, a senior business major from Brentwood, Tenn.enn., loves to entertain. Whether it’s a business policy presentation or just answering a question in class, he injects humor, an easygoing attitude and creative ideas into everything he does. These qualities made him the perfect fit for the internship he was hired for three months ago with a popular radio station, 104.5 The Zone. He found the internship through a connection his family had with the “WakeUp Zone”’s co-host, former Tennessee Titan Blaine Bishop. Now Trenton has the opportunity to be part of the station’s morning show.

“I wake up at 4 a.m. every Tuesday and Thursday to get ready for our 6-10 a.m. show, the WakeUp Zone. The hosts, Kevin Ingram, Mark Howard, and Blaine, along with our producer, Brandon Haghany, first weren’t sure how they could use me, seeing as they hadn’t had an intern before. Blaine made sure I could stay busy by looking up facts for the hosts and putting together a list of questions for people we have call in to the show. I’ve produced the show for an hour. I’ve joined Mark Howard at a Nashville Predators game, as he works the games, and I’ve been a broadcaster during the game’s intermissions. One morning, they even let me talk on air for the last section of the show! For me, it’s just been incredible to shadow these guys who have been in broadcasting for so long and see how they run the show.”

Trenton, who wants to have his own radio or TV show one day, is grateful for the opportunity his internship offers him. “Tune in to the station on Tuesdays and Thursdays and you’ll likely hear Kevin give me a few shout outs. Maybe you’ll even hear me on the show!”