Cumberland University


CU Student Spotlight: Tad Brown


Tad Brown, a sophomore majoring in criminal justice, will become a junior at the start of the spring 2018 semester. 

While looking at colleges, he knew that he wanted to stay close to home in Smyrna and play basketball for a university. At Lancaster Christian Academy, Tad was very outgoing, athletic, and studious. He was involved in three sports, an honor society, and a church group. He heard through friends and acquaintances about the excellent reputation of Cumberland University’s criminal justice program, and when he was awarded CU’s Trustee Scholarship—which fully covers tuition for those who are in the top five percent of their graduating class and received a 30 or more on their ACT—his decision was made.

“I was shocked about my scholarship, but I couldn’t be happier,” he said.

Tad chose to live on campus in Horace H. Lurton Hall so that he could walk to class rather than driving from Smyrna everyday, and he could meet more people through campus activities. He has a packed schedule between classes with involvement in the fraternity Sigma Chi, being a member of the basketball team, and again is a member of an honor society. 

By working with Courtney Vick at the Career Center on campus, he now has an internship with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, and is trying to obtain an internship with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. After Tad graduates he plans on getting a master’s degree. 

He also took advantage of the Academic Success Center on campus during his freshman year. He says Jennifer Novo was a great help to him there. Building relationships with all of his criminal justice professors, such as Dr. Russ Cheatham, Joe Minor, Dr. Michael McDonald, and Suzann Lafferty, is a nice benefit of going to such a close-knit university. “The professors here allow after class time in their office whenever you may need help.”

Some of Tad’s favorite moments so far at Cumberland has been going to different sporting events, and making lifelong friendships. “I have been able to seek a lot of adventures by going to concerts, camping, and the beach with my friends.”